Welcome to CAIPS FileCheck!

Welcome to CAIPS FileCheck - if you want to know how to obtain your CAIPS / FOSS or GCMS notes and check the status of your immigration application for Canada, or even the status of your work or study permit application, you have come to the right place!  

What Are 'CAIPS', 'FOSS' and 'GCMS' Files?

CAIPS is short for 'Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System'. It is the computer system historically used by Citizenship & Immigration Canada to process visa applications outside of Canada. However, this system is being superceded by the newer GCMS system. We routinely request both CAIPS and GCMS files to ensure that we receive the current and relevant file for our clients' applications.

FOSS is the computer system historically used by CIC offices in Canada to track all immigration-related information, but like the CAIPS system is being superceded by GCMS.

GCMS is short for 'Global Case Management System', and is a newer computer system that CIC have almost completed rolling out across their offices.

Why Is This Interesting?

If you are not applying for a Canadian visa, then caips notes, foss files and gcms records are of no interest to you!

However, if you have applied to emigrate to Canada with a PR visa - as a skilled worker, business applicant/investor or as a spouse or other family member of someone already in Canada - then, with our help, you can obtain a copy of your immigration file from CIC and find out what has happened to your application so far, and get an indication of what will happen next with your file, and when. The system also holds information on work permits, study permits and visitor visas, and we can also apply for these reports on your behalf. If you have had a study permit or visitor visa application refused, your file should show the reason(s) given by CIC for denying your application and help you to prepare if you intend to reapply.   

Should I Get My File?

There are many situations where you may want to apply for your CAIPS notes. If you have been asked to attend an interview, then you may wish to obtain your notes to find out why the interview was requested, so that you can be well prepared for the interview.

Also, if you feel that your application is taking longer than usual, or you have not heard anything from the visa office for a surprisingly long time, then you may consider requesting your immigration file to check that your application is on track. We have often tracked unexplained delays down to missing letters or documents which have been highlighted as soon as the file is obtained. For example, CIC may have written to an applicant requesting additional references, educational transcripts or language tests, but the applicant's address can be incorrect or outdated.

Finally if you have any other worry about your application status or progress, or are just generally curious as to what has happened so far, then you can obtain your CAIPSnotes just to put your mind at rest.

How Do I Get My CAIPS File?

Getting your file is cheap and easy - you just need our help! You can find easy to follow instructions in our application guide or download our comprehensive CAIPS FileCheck Application Kit which explains what we need from you in order to request your CAIPS notes and how much our services cost.

If you still need help, don't hesitate to email us at help@caips.ca.  We have requested thousands of CAIPS reports for clients from around the world - we have dealt with applications from London, Manila, New Delhi, Beijing, and virtually every other CIC office around the world. We look forward to assisting you!