How Much Does It Cost To Get My CAIPS File?

CAIPS FileCheck offers a range of services ranging from C$40 for our simple CAIPS Basic service to $120 for our most comprehensive CAIPS Premium Interpreted service. 

We use PayPal to process our clients' credit and debit card transactions - PayPal has become a global leader in online card processing for consumers and small businesses, and we believe it offers a rapid, simple and secure solution that is best for both you and for us.   Other payment means may be available - please email us for details.

Standard Services

CAIPS Basic (C$40)

'CAIPS Basic' is our standard service and costs C$40 plus GST/HST for Canadian clients. We will obtain a copy of your CAIPSfile and email the file to you in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. The service takes around 5 weeks. You must pay by PayPal to use our CAIPS Basic service. We will provide to you just the raw CAIPS, GCMS or FOSS file, and will not provide any interpretation or explanation of the file (see our interpretation information page).

CAIPS Premium (C$60)

'CAIPS Premium' costs C$60 plus GST/HST where appropriate and includes everything in 'CAIPS Basic' plus the following services :-

  • we will, if required, additionally send the CAIPS printout to you by fax, or by post
  • we will give your file request priority at all stages of processing

Please note that no interpretation or explanation is included with 'CAIPS Premium' unless you choose our 'Premium Interpreted' service

CAIPS Premium Interpreted (C$120)

'CAIPS Premium Interpreted' costs C$120 plus GST/HST for Canadian clients and combines our superior 'CAIPS Premium' service outlined above with a full interpretation of your file to assist you in understanding it. This explanation is typically 3 or 4 paragraphs and will highlight any issues with your file and suggest solutions to addressing them if there are any. If you are not sure whether you need interpretation, you can always just order 'CAIPS Premium' and add on interpretation at a later date.

At our discretion, we offer our 'CAIPS Premium Interpreted' clients an additional complementary file request where appropriate.

Special Services

CAIPS Interpretation Only (C$60)

'CAIPS Interpretation Only' is a service for clients who do not need us to obtain their CAIPS, FOSS or GCMS files, but do need help understanding their file. Clients can include those who have previously ordered files through us and now want them interpreting, or clients who have obtained their files themselves or through another organisation. The professional interpretation is typically 1 or 2 pages and will highlight any issues with your file and suggest solutions to them.

CAIPS Repeat (C$30)

'CAIPS Repeat' is a special reduced-price version of our 'CAIPS Basic' service that is only available to existing clients who wish to obtain their CAIPS file again.

CAIPS Consultant

We offer special rates to immigration consultants. Email us for details.