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Last Update: March 2016

Thanks to the thousands of GCMS notes that we have requested on behalf of clients over the last few years, we have a good insight into current processing times and problems for applications at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada offices around the world, and we also stay on top of what IRCC is saying in its official updates on processing times. When we have new information to share, we will bring it to you here.

Latest GCMS File Request Times

File requests are currently taking 5 weeks on average. However, please rest assured that as soon as your file arrives, we get it to you the same day, often within 1-2 hours of receipt. We know how frustrating it is waiting to hear from IRCC, and so we don't keep our clients waiting a moment longer than necessary!

Canada Aims to Admit a Record Number of Immigrants in 2016

Canada's government intends to welcome up to 305,000 new permanent residents in 2016, the highest level for many decades. This is in line with a generally more positive attitude to immigration under the current government, which is also looking to welcome more refugees and family members to Canada.

IRCC Aiming to Speed up Processing Times

Recognising that processing times for many applicants are way too long, the Immigration Minister has stated that IRCC aims to speed up processing for all immigration classes

Background Check Delays

Background checks are proving particularly troublesome for some clients - if you have lived in more than one country, be prepared for a wait of possibly 1-2 years or even more.

Temporary Visa Application Rejections

Unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of all types of temporary visa applications being rejected at present. If you'd like us to help by requesting your GCMS file for you, we'd love to help. Please email us at

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