Interpreting Your Immigration File

Your CAIPS / GCMS / FOSS File Is Not As Complex As It Seems!

The majority of CAIPS notes and other immigration files are not terribly complex to read - despite what many immigration professionals would have you believe!

However, if you want us to obtain your CAIPS file for you and do not want to try to understand the file yourself, we will happily provide an interpretation service for a relatively small additional fee - see our price list. Our interpretation will highlight any issues with your file and suggest ways you may address them.

If you want to interpret the file yourself, you may find some valuable free advice on the many Internet immigration forums.

Please note: if you initially decide to decode your CAIPS file yourself, you can add our professional interpretation service on at any time for the same price as if you'd ordered it at the outset - just email us for details.

Problems Understanding Your CAIPS Notes?

Did you request your CAIPS notes yourself and are having problems interpreting your file? If so, we can help. Just email us for details. Often we can turn around CAIPS Interpretation requests in less than 24 hours and our service costs just C$60 if you already have a copy of your CAIPS file in hand.

What Do I Get If I Pay for Interpretation?

If you pay us to provide full interpretation of your file, you will receive 1-2 pages of detailed notes explaining the key elements of the file, what your file reveals about the current status of your case, as well as any potential issues that CIC is looking at. If you have an interview coming up, we will highlight the key questions that CIC is likely to want to address at the interview, and suggest ways that you may want to deal with those.

CAIPS notes do vary a great deal from one case to another, so what we are able to interpret for you will depend very much on what CIC has written in your file! However, if you have paid for our full CAIPS Premium Interpreted service, we will usually offer to obtain your file for you again if there is little in it of use when we receive the file from CIC.